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Date:February 20, 2018

Astitva Academy

Project in the Pipeline! Startup of the Astitva Academy (Muradpur, INDIA, district: Saharsa in Bihar). The academy aims to offer a variety of training courses, based on the best practices of the PlanetPolaris network (IT & Mathematics). It’s our aim to support kids across the region grow and retain their talent. Through its courses, the Academy will help improve the knowledge, competence and expertise of people in IT and Mathematics. The customised training programmes will bring real life business experiences into the classroom, making learning more effective and practical. Astitva means “existence” or “identity” in Hindi.  means the state of being alive or the state of being aware or the state of existing. It means the combined phenomenon of our actions like living, breathing, thinking, feeling, perceiving, struggling, reacting, toiling and resting.


Muradpur is a very proud town with a rich history. Agriculture is the mainstay of their economy.

Today, Bihar has one of the fastest growing economies in terms of gross state domestic product. Mainly an agricultural economy, the state is the largest producer of vegetables in the country. It also holds the distinction of being the country’s second largest producer of fruits. The state has also made progress in the industrial sector with an oil refinery in Barauni and a power plant in Muzaffarpur. A satellite town located in the Patna Metropolitan Region, Fatuha is well known for its farm tractor and scooter industries. Other than this, Bihar is also known for its agriculture-based industries such as sugar and vegetable oil and its famous coal mines at Dhanbad.