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How does it work?

Giving to charity is great — not just for the recipients but for the givers, too. But it can be intimidating to know how to pick the best charity, especially when there are thousands of worthy causes to choose from.  It’s of course possible to research charity options yourself, but it’s probably better to outsource that labor to a careful, methodologically rigorous charity recommender like PolarisCare. We make it easy for you and help you to choose.

You can support our projects in two ways:

1. We choose

Our Advisory Council will carefully decide how to divide the received funds and we will keep you informed of the results on a regular basis.

2. You choose

Click on your preferred project and go to the specific account to show your support to the world.

With less than 10% overhead, we will spend 90% or more of the money that you donate on actual goods and services that support our projects.

2. You are a company?

Get in touch! Our organization focus areas are international in scope: basic survival safeguards, global health, climate and environment, urbanization, and social and economic security.