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Europe 2020 indicators – poverty and social exclusion

This article is part of a set of statistical articles based on the Eurostat publication Smarter, greener, more inclusive? – Indicators to support the Europe 2020 strategy. It provides recent statistics on poverty and social inclusion in the European Union (EU), key areas of the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy.

The analysis focuses on the indicator ‘people at risk of poverty or social exclusion’, itself consisting of three sub-indicators on monetary poverty, material deprivation and low work intensity, respectively. Additional contextual indicators present a broader picture and show the drivers behind changes, providing a breakdown by sex, age, educational attainment level, household type, country of birth and labour status and identifying the groups most at risk. Finally, factors reducing or increasing the risk of poverty and social exclusion are discussed: social protection expenditures and long-term unemployment (see the article on ‘Employment’).

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